Hot foil stamping machines RR 850 WF

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                                                      Hot foil stamping machines RR 850 WF

The rotary webfed finishing press with modular design.

The webfed finishig presses of spm steuer quarantee highest flexibility due to their finishing modules. You simply set up the finishing modules in house according to your job and are able to quickly and easily combine multiple applications, such as hot foil stamping, cold foil transfer or blind embossing with one single finishing press.

The rotary webfed finishing press with modular design
Technical data

Modular system

A decision for individual finishing modules and a decision for highest flexibility. You simple set up the finishing modules in the sequence according to your job requirements. Within only a few hours and without the help of our engineers, the modular system allows to reconfigure and combine multiple applications within one production line. Among others, the following applications are available:

  • Hot foil stamping and hologram application
  • Cold foil transfer / UV-casting
  • Blind embossing

Patented sleeve technology for die- and impression cylinder

Sleeves with their diameters adapted to the printing format. The exchange of a sleeve is done within a few minutes and without the use of any tools. In comparison to costly cassette systems, the sleeve technology boasts a variety of benefits:

  • Greatly reduced setup times for format and layout changes
  • Well-prices sleeves for maximum cost reduction
  • Standing forms for repeat jobs

High performance foil unit

The newly designed foil unit combines highest presicion foil handling with greatly reduced setup times and further reductions in foil comsumption.
Highest application quality

With the all new cylinder bearer ring design, the negative influence of standard bearing play is eliminated.


Tech. Spec. of Hot Foil Stamping machine RR Series
Available Web Formats 850 mm
Corrosponding Stamping Formats 820 mm
Repeat Length 556 to 1256 mm
Working Material 40-500 g/m2
Web Speed, mechanical max. 200 m/min
Application speed for foil stamping, max. 150 m/min.
Application speed for registered holograms, max. 120 m/min
Foil Roll Diameter, Max 500 mm
No. of foil web for stamping max. 16
No. of foil web for registered holograms, max 8