Automatic filling line

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Automatic filling line

Able to fill dense and semi dense products. These lines include two or four dosing units to allow higher production speed. Production: 3.000 pcs/h e 6000 pcs/h, in relation to product to be filled and containers. Dosing range: 50
-500 cc.; 100
-1.000 cc; bigger dosing on demand.

Filling monobloc:

filling line for liquid products composed of 8 stations.

Weight dosing unit Mod. RSPE/40 Linear

Machine for weight dosing in plastic and metal drums or pails, with different capacity from a minimum of 5 Kg to a maximum of 20 Kg.

“SPECIAL”, Automatic System

Able to fill with vacuum device, different containers with total absence of air bubbles. Dosing time with vacuum pump and recovery of surplus products. Semi
-automatic or automatic loading of containers, capping and automatic unloading of the containers being processed. Machine made in stainless steel with electronic control directly by the panel of all the operations work. Production speed from 900 to 1800 pieces/hour, depending on the type of work.

Packing line for foods

Filling system for dense and semi liquid food products, such as jam, sauces, juice, cream and similar in jar or glass bottles to be closed by vapour vacuum system with caps type twis
-off, pry
-off, D.T.O., Pry
-Twist. Production speed connected to filling speed (the line in the picture herein has a production of approx.1200 pieces/h) to increase the production it is necessary to bring to 2 or 3 the number of dosing cylinders.