ReWind-O-Matic with Optional Outer Flange

Product Code: BPM-ROM
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                                     ReWind-O-Matic with Optional Outer Flange

Universal Label ReWinder:

  • Switched Bi-Directional Control
  • Constant Adjustable Torque (CAT’ technology)
  • Adjustable Speed Control up to 15; (380-mm) per second

UnWind Feature:

To use the ReWinder as an Unwinder, place the VOLT CHANGE SW to the “1.5” position and place the (ON/OFF/ON) Direction) Switch in the revers direction to provide resistance to the roll of labels you wish to unwind.


Product Details:

 Max. Label Width: 4.5 inches (115-mm)

Max. Label Roll Weight: 8.5 lbs. (3.9 kg)

Max. Label Roll Size: Up to 8.5 inches (215-mm)

Speed: Adjustable up to 15 ips (380-mm/sec)

Start/Stop: ON/OFF/ON Direction Switch

Power Supply: voltage-selectable AC/DC Adapter 120vac 60Hz UL & CSA Listed (230vac 50Hz available)